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Custom Designed & Manufactured Viton Shaft Seal for a Snow Blower

Clark Seals, Ltd. was contacted by a leading manufacturer of snow blowers to solve their leaking seal problem.

After extensive review of their equipment and thorough analysis of the application, it was determined that the cause of leakage was a fairly common problem found in seasonal equipment. Mowers, agriculture equipment, watercraft and motorized vehicles all go through periods of heavy use and long storage, causing some rubber compounds to compress and relax for extended periods of time and loosen their dimensions and compression properties.This problem is further enhanced in seasonal equipment where run-out and shaft/housing misalignment is common.

The solution, as with most seasonal equipment, was to design a seal with extreme follow ability to resist compression set and stress relaxation at low temperatures, improve reaction ratio and increase lip force contribution from the garter spring since stainless steel springs are not subject to stress relaxation.

This custom sealing solution took one week to develop, was less expensive than their previous seal and ultimately reduced warranty claims by 94%.

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Custom Shaft Seal Specifications

Product Name
Snow Blower Seal
Product Description
Shaft Seal used in snow blower motor to prevent leakage caused from rubber stress relaxation of seasonal equipment
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Problem Seal Analysis
Custom AutoCAD Seal Design
Precision Manufacturing
Overall Dimensions of the Seal
Ö1.580x 0.197 ( OD x H )
Tightest Tolerances Met
RMA standards, .001"
Material Used
METAL CASE: carbon steel
SPRING: Stainless steel spring
  • Resists Compression Set and Stress Relaxation @ Low Temperatures
  • Remains More Flexible During Long Periods of Idleness
  • Design a bumper ring to prevent spring to be displaced with a narrow seal
  • Elastomer with low friction coefficient ingredients.
In process testing performed
Customer Life-Test
Estimated Part Weight
Standards Met
RMA Standards
Elastomer spec.: SAE J200 M4HK 814
Metal case material spec.: SAE 1008
Spring material spec.: SAE 30304
Industry for Use
Outdoor Power Equipment
Delivery Location

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